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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my website/blog linked here?

We contact owner of blogs/websites, before we are registering theis webpages here. But if we nevertheless make a mistake and your website is registeres here against you willing, please contact us, we will remove the your website as soon as possible.

What requirements does my blog has to fulfill to be registered here?

To read the recipes from your blog, we are using a RSS-feed. This RSS-feed has to provide just your recipes, no other posts like review, travelguides or something else. If your blog is running in wordpress or blogspot, it is enough to have a category or tag where you put your recipes in. Wordpress and blogspot are providing by default a RSS-feed for all categories and tags. The second requirement is, that your feed contains at least one image for every recipe-entry. If this is not fulfilled by your blog, or you are not sure about it, just contact us via contactform and we will help you.

How often are the recipes imported?

All blogs are crawled every night for new recipes, which are then imported.

Do you allow ovo-lacto-vegatarian blogs as well to participate here?

No, we are just registering vegan blogs, to avoid accidently indexed non-vegan recipes in the searchengine. If you find a non-vegan recipe anyway, please report it via the report button on the recipe.

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